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Brittney McWilliams

Creator/Writer/Executive Producer/Director/Actor

I have been writing since the age of 8. It started with song lyrics, then the dreaded essays for high school and college courses, then came my first book, a memoir titled Not That Girl: A Tell-All Memoir. After the release of my book which documents my struggles with abuse, heartache, and chasing my dream of becoming an actress while being a single mother, I knew that my story would one day become a television show.

Creating and Casting “Living Vee”

I began writing the first episode of Living Vee and the words and visions for the show started to flow. Eight episodes later, I had what would become Season One of “Living Vee”. With $1.47 in my bank account at the time, and unemployed with a bachelor’s degree despite applying to over 300 jobs with a pretty impressive resume, I felt in my spirit that I was supposed to make Living Vee public. I knew that there was a reason why I was not landing the jobs I had applied for, but I was scared to start the process of Living Vee. After a lot of prayers and a few encouraging conversations to myself, I decided to take a huge leap of faith and start casting my project. I ended up having 1200 submissions for all of season one and after callbacks, I now have the most talented cast I could ever ask for. Not only are they talented, they are dedicated, and eager to get started with filming this project that we believe has the potential to become a huge success. The cast and crew have all agreed to donate their time to this project however, there are filming necessities that we need to make this project a contender when pitching to online and TV networks, film festivals, and other avenues that will give Living Vee the attention it will deserve.


Funding- Your contributions will make the following happen:

  • A professional DP with the camera equipment needed to make the vision for Living Vee come alive. I want to pitch a series that is lusted after by tv and/or online networks. A great camera and a skilled DP is a necessity to make that happen.
  • A professional Television Show Editor to make the episodes of Living Vee be the best they can be and to make them ready for the highly anticipated depute.
  • Insurance for the project.
  • An event called Beyond the Camera. The Living Vee cast and crew will feed pizza, snacks, and drinks to the homeless and provide them with toiletry items.
  • Meals for the cast and crew.
  • Locations, permits, props, and transportation.

Why Should You Donate to Living Vee?

  • I have everything set, but as you know money is important in the film industry. There will be someone on set doing behind the scenes footage so you can actually see what your money is creating.
  • There will be video updates from the creator providing you with the knowledge of knowing how the funds have been used.

Risks & Challenges

I know that it is a risk putting a series out there for the world to see, but I am dedicated to seeing this project through. I have spent time away from my 3-year -old son to make Living Vee happen. I know there are challenges that I will face during this process, but ultimately with my faith in God, prayers, hard work, dedication, willingness, and a sprinkle of luck, Living Vee has the potential to be the next big series. I am hiring the best DP and Editor I can find within the budget.

Other Ways You Can Help

Just  because you can’t contribute financially, doesn’t mean you can’t help Living Vee succeed. Here are a few things you can do to help:

  • Share the link to this campaign on your social media!
  • Pray for the success of the show!
  • Share any contacts you have that may be beneficial to Living Vee!