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Executive Producer & Everything Else        

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Executive Assistant/Associate Producer

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cropped-logo-jpeg.jpgShea Anderson is Brittney’s “Right Hand Woman” and has been deemed the Cast Mom due to her impeccable organization skills and ability to get almost impossible tasks completed in record timing in a all stages of the production of Living Vee. Whether she is using her artistic talent by taking Behind-the-Scenes photos, or providing encouragement to a distraught Executive Producer :), Shea’s beauty and positive and convivial personality radiates to everyone around her.  She, her husband, and her 4 children have been a tremendous blessing to Living Vee. She holds a Bachelor of —— Degree from—— and is the queen of collecting POP Figures. Living Vee is honored to have Shea as the “Face” of the Administrative Department.




 Junior Executive Assistant/ “Jill Of All Trades”

The one question on everyone’s mind when it comes to Gabriella (Gabi) is, “Is there anything this girl can’t do?” At just 13 years old, Gabi is “Brittney’s Brain” on and off set. Her IMDB Credits and resume is longer than most adults. She provides administrative support to Brittney and Shea, serves as the Lead Script Supervisor on set, she is an excellent Camera Operator (she filmed a few of the scenes of Episode 1 by herself), Wardrobe, Hair and Makeup, Boom Operator, and many more titles. She is a genius on and off set, and is on the road to becoming a highly sought after crew member. Her dream is to own her own production company. And with her talent and growing knowledge of every aspect of filming, she will achieve that dream in record time.